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Constitución de Condominio

Constitución de Condominio

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Seguimiento Proyectos

Seguimiento Proyectos

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Cálculo de Volumenes

Cálculo de Volumenes

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We present some of our virtual reality

works through 3D scanning

Reflejos Beauty Studio

La Briciola


 Tennis Villa 34-B

 Casa de Campo,

La Romana 


Office Space



Fishing Lodge 


Nicolas de Ovando


Blue Beach

Punta Cana

Aqua Tower

Juan Dolio

Tanama Lodge

Punta Cana

Virtual Reality 3D is an immersive exploration experience inside any type of building; from houses, apartments, restaurants, amphitheaters, gym, in short any space that you want to show. You can know all the places to make the best decisions about what spaces you will visit, rent or buy. With our innovative service of scanning and 3D modeling of spaces you can significantly increase sales of your business.


Application areas


Real estate


If you rent or sell properties an efficient way in time is to show the properties through a 3D Virtual Reality model, your clients can inspect centimeter by centimeter spaces, appreciate the environments and understand all the layout and design of the property.


Architecture, Interior design, Engineering & Construction


As a professional in the areas of construction you can have your project portfolio computerized in 3D virtual reality models, which allows you to show future clients your exploits, your work style and especially your results. If you are a planner you can motivate your customers to buy your units through a 3D virtual reality model, where your potential customers can meet your design, understanding your work perfectly without having to travel.


Another of the great benefits of documenting your projects with 3D virtual reality models is to have a live file for future reference.


Hotels & Restaurants


We can know the hotels and restaurants that we want to visit before being in the place; Clients can immerse themselves in the different environments of their places of interest from the comfort of their home or office and decide which places they will visit quickly.

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